Saturday, 19 September 2015

20 of the most perfectly timed photos ever

20 of the most perfectly timed photos ever

today we are going to look at 20 of the most perfectly timed photos ever, episode x, cause 20 is not enough. they will blow your mind.

20. kissing the street is something that can happen to everyone. the blond lady really wanted to hug the asphalt, and have a bite, because why else would you have hands to help with the fall. straight to face

19. when you want to do an air safari, make sure you get some hight, otherwise the giraffe will eat the plane and that is not funny.

18. it takes still and dedication to capture a soap balloon bursting, believe me I tried.

17. outstanding image of a guy falling into mud. this could be some of those TV shows, what is it called? wipeout or something

16. you do not want to be an iceskating ballerina and get your picture in this moment, as this will haunt you forever. not very flattering. thanks good you have underwear.

15. this is a boom moment of a cannon getting off. no comments here, just to show you the power of guns. dam it, who invaded who this time?

14. classic olympic games shot, free dive into a pool from a higher platform, the image of the pain and suffering of the athlete rotating in the air. I'm alike wow dude. that is my face when i go to toilet.

13. do you feel the need for speed. if your mind is faster than your legs, this is what happens. and I don't think the dog is doing it for the show.

12.skateboarders, be aware, this is a normal day at the office for someone like this. be ready for some pain, and you can kiss the street as well. I wonder what does it taste like? burnt rubber?

11. i believe this is a cross breed wedding, between and man, and a centaurs...which is a half women, half female horse. i would hope both halves are females or otherwise...that would be interesting?

10. the cat is doing the dance, out of enthusiasm spotting a lizard. 1, 2, 3, to the left, 1,2,3 to the right, there is a lizard, and she has fright

9. if you have a girlfriend, you can have a ballon and pump water into it until it brakes, she was wet already so, no harm done here.

8. i do not want to be in this guys's shoes, or on his wheels, sorry on his lack of wheels. the landing will not be as expected and he knows it.

7. pretty awesome military explosions bought right in the moment. i have no comments on this picture other than WOOOWWW.

6. if you are an old guy, you can swing as well. do not worry about little kids, they might need their teeth. spacial awareness is a myth people.

5. a high 5 with a shark and I suspect  fake here. i have seen this pic many times now, but hey, what the hell, it looks doesn't it.

4. funny chicks being funny and stuff. I am wondering is she i pulling the moon out of her ass or squeezing it in. it is important you know? to know this stuff

3. Russian army i believe, there is always be a lazy one, and this guy is going to get it for this act on insubordination. they all looked a little bit bored or tired. so much for russian discipline.

2. yes, go on, that is the way to smash a bottle of wine against your head. I used few bottles of wine in my life and let me tell you, they are not that easy to break. so this guy must be a hard head in it?

1. The best pic of the day, a bee leaving its tale into the bite. if you know bees, it will die soon, the guy will end up with some pain, but this image is awesome. the guy should be pretty cool to experience this without moving for a good photo, as I have been bitten by bees before and you cannot stay still as it really hurts.

question for next time, do you believe the shark high five is fake. leave your comments down below.
thank you