Saturday, 12 September 2015

25 photos moments before disaster

25 photos moments before disaster
today we are going to look at 25 photos right before the disaster. some of them are not really funny at all as the distaster is a disaster folks.

25. landing a wedding cake before it is cut, might ruing the bride's day so bad, she would kill of it.
yes it is a wedding no doubt.oops

3. lucky for this guy he had time to eject himself. amazing how the plane is caught with he cockpit already squashed. looks like a ghost coming out of the ground here?

24. this cannot end up well. even these small karts are for children, they can get serious speeds and serious injuries. not funny at all.

23. a sudden attack of a jaguar and you are toast. this does not make much sense as he would have to be really annoying for the jaguar to jump over the fence to punish him

22. ATV is not for kids. it should have seat belts, one of my friends says. at least grandma is trying to catch him

21. i believe this is on purpose. toasting with beer and force to have you wet at a party. Probably they already had too much

20. costume party in the forrest, alcohol and bicycles do not mix very well. especially when they make you believe you are a sudden acrobat and you can jump on fire. probably this one hurt

19. O.M.GGGGG, the cake is gone. i want my cake. this is a disaster people.

18. this one is not pretty funny. i thought rockets are faster than a camera but certainly it does not mater any more.

17. this dog is enthusiastic about his balls. he actually might try to take a bite. if it does, nature would be fair to make him stupid enough to do what hurts the most.

16. i would not do this if I were them. maybe the creatures are calm now, but i believe it is reckless to take selfies with the rhinos like that.

15.ouch, this is not a moment before disaster but during it. I believe this guy is not happy and he would have a sticky voice after this.

14. regardless if the car is coming or going, the wheels are supposed to be done, and the ceiling up. i wonder if the guy ended up OK

13. i believe this happens a lot, I mean a lot of people are loosing their late during the cold season. the idea of the organ pole was not to cross there.

12.straight from jackass fun club, the landing will be probably a bit painful. i am widening what was this guy thinking

11. in this image i feel for the horse. it will take a big bite of dirt which we all know it tastes funny and you might get a warm or 2.

10. well, they asked for it. sometimes weddings can be better when sorting goes wrong. at least you will remember and laugh in 20 years.

9. not sure who is the hunter here. an eagle chasing a fox - unlikely, but the fix is fighting back, so eagle is the attacker.

8. 2 guys did not see this coming? seriously? you do not notice the ocean is unhappy?

7. penguin will have a really bad day but the looks of it. what can you do , nature makes animals eat other animals. sad day for penguin, happy day for the seal.

6. if the bull is so unhappy, the guy must have done something really annoying. like chasing the bull on the street. the guy had it coming

5. not funny for the driver, not funny for whereof is taking the snap. looks like we are going to have fire blow, just like in the movies.

4. i do not believe this one will end up too well. even if the car is extra enforced for racing. this is a serious flight.

3. lucky for this guy he had time to eject himself. amazing how the plane is caught with he cockpit already squashed. looks like a ghost coming out of the ground here?

2. this is right after the previous pick, the guy landing safely at a distance and the plane is catching fire. makes you wonder.

1. you probably have even this before, it is not a fake. this actually happen, like all the images in the video, and this was a serious disaster as the plane got crushed and killed all the people in it, just moments after take off.

question for next time, do you know in which country this plane went down. leave your comments down below.