Saturday, 18 July 2015

20 coolest celebrity selfies ever

20 coolest celebrity selfies ever

20. Harry from Direction 1
you can smile like you are not famous, as after you become famous, the natural smile turns into a smirk of self-confidence

19.Usher making an omelete
when sexy and famous, making an omelette with no clothes, is an act of sexiness. Some people want to be that omelette. I don't. think about body hair before you cook naked.

18. angie verona, the queen of selfies looking good as always. She is a celebrity in my heart, even if she does nothing spectacular, other than wearing tight tops. nice tops if you ask me. go angie go.

17. superman taking a selfie through a screen is a heroic act. you got to admire that superman is a cool dude by doing this. also he needs a smartphone as his brain is not that advanced.

16. let's give it a high five to Obama. he can take selfies too, right. it is human. even in the presidential car you can have a giggle. nobody is getting hurt.

15. cool zac, cool. be cool and be zac in the same time. i believe zac does not need to try to be cool. he just is. not as cool as me though, but that is the subject to another video.

14. she is not famous, but i wanted to include this picture as a very cool one. i could not sleep much last night after i saw this, and neither should you. life is good, what the hell

13. Chris Pratt is working out, and we all need to know it. it is not like we cannot see after, but selfies are like a instant press conference.

12. another direction 1 selfie, we all love this guy, Malik or Zayn, which name is the first name? he is so cool, he can afford to leave the group. a proof of being to cool can hurt people. go solo go, go, go.

11. not sure if you know this guy, he is my father, napoleon dynamite. he is with my uncle, the cage fighter, if you do not know who they are, you are too young, my friends. these guys are geniouses. vote for pedro dam it.

10. myley cyrus licking stuff. you can lick the hammer, the door knob, chair handles, shoes or even an astronaut. what is you problem. life is good. make sure you do not lick something poisonous as I still want to see you in the future licking things.

9. you can be a cartoon character and still take cool selfies. a bit lame though, he is not really human and he copies all bad things just to look cool. I have never seen toy story because I am old and doctor.

8. being a zombie is pretty cool if you ask me. you just mumbo jumbo and go for the blood. you can take some selfies in the mean time, as you cannot chase humans 24/7. you gotta have some fun as well.

7. i am not sure this guy is a celebrity but he should be. I mean the pig. he is got dam ugly, my eyes hurt. but when there is love, nothing gets in the way. happiness on this guys face. he loves that pig, I am sure.

6. stallone, rocky or rambo cannot escape the selfie mania, even if this looks so unnatural. he is like 100 year old or something, still trying to punch. good by grandpa, leave the selfies alone.

5. Rihana selfie, is mysterious, is she taking a bath, is she alone? making stupid faces does not count when you are Rihana, it does not matter. you are cool period.

4. Katy perry is taking selfies with monkeys on there shoulder. monkey seems unhappy, I am not sure why. she is katy perry dam it, you should be grateful, stupid monkey, i wish i was you.

3. Clinton lady with Devil who wears prada. Selfies can be taken by old ladies as well. they have that right as well. I think the devil should wear also something from walmart.

2. miranda kerr with her baby. not technically a selfie, but when you are a celebrity you can do whatever you want, people will still think it is cool. Nothing wrong with baby having some lunch.

1. the coolest of the coolest people in the world, after me of course, brad and angie. the guy taking the selfie is over the moon because he got the chance to take it, calm down bro, as if you act cool they might let you to kiss their boots.

question for next time, which one is the coolest. leave your comments down below.